Soapsud Stories

In collaboration with Ellen Pizzey.

This project was set by Save the Children UK, who were in partnership with Wonder Words. The Wonder Words project brief was based on research suggesting that children from under privileged backgrounds were arriving to pre-school up to 18 months behind other 3 year olds in their language and communication development. Our job was to come up with a nudge approach that would encourage busy parents who are on low income to sing, play and talk more with their under 3s.

Our product, Soapsud Stories, is an aid to telling stories at bath time and is a fun way to encourage communication and language development during busy days. After speaking with a nursery manager she explained in her opinion that story telling is the best way to introduce new words to children of a young age. However she also said that some parents find it difficult to naturally talk and interact with their children.

Each Soapsud Story pack includes foam characters, key words and prop with jigsaw features. The foam pieces can float, stick to the walls and slot together to work as an aid story telling between the parent and child. It is a cheep product that we proposed to come free with baby products from super markets. As an example we chose Asda’s Little Angels baby range to suit our target audience.

In this project I carried out many roles. I contacted and arranged an interview with a nursery manager to find out more information about child early development, particularly in language and communication development. I also contacted a parent  with a 2 year old child and conducted user testing for our product and collected feedback. For the product its self I designed the packaging, drew the animals and the tractor on illustrator and designed the farm yard setting for the packaging and flannel.