Alex’s Nights


Toxic masculinity is a term in which patriarchy is harmful towards the male population. It refers to societies expectations of men, if these expectations are not met it shows weakness in the eyes of society. The expectations I am referring to are that men are expected to be strong, powerful, dominant and less emotional.  Toxic masculinity is damaging, these expectations have lead to higher suicides in men, compared to women simply because they are afraid of losing their masculinity if they seek help or talk about their problems with others.

My outcome is a stealth system directed at young adults which is designed to reduce the presence of toxic masculinity in the future. I thought that just raising awareness was not enough for this major social issue, I believe that a system is proactive in making a small change to the society that we live in. I am directly targeting first year university students who are living in halls of residents. I chose this group of people because this year is a big change in their lives living away from home for the first time, and where I believe adult life really begins and a prime opportunity to view men and women as equals in this situation. From my experience of living in halls I’d never felt more lonely, especially at the beginning where I had literally no one to go to if I had a problem. My idea introduces a stealth system which comfortably allows all students living in that area to get to know each other very well which then therefore increases the number of great friendships would bloom between all male and female residents. However if individuals find it hard to interact with others or have a questing that they are not comfortable asking their new friends, there is an online community that are available 24/7 to help. I’m pushing the idea that the “friends you make at university are your friends for life” which I currently don’t think is the case in the UK as the majority of us like to keep ourselves to ourselves, but with the help of Alex’s Nights this could make generations much more social-able and hopefully bring down the future statistics of suicides in men and increase the statistic of mental health diagnosis in men.